Jan Kuiper

Education and working places.

I graduated as a Physiotherapist in Enschede, The Netherlands in 1983.

Thereafter I started a private practice in the North of Germany, and specialised in muskuloskeletal problems. In this practice I worked until 2016.

Since 2016 I am living in Budapest, and examine patients on an advisory basis.

MDT courses and diplomas:

 McKenzie A-D courses 1985-1991 Germany/ Netherlands

Credentialling exam McKenzie Institute International:1992 The Netherlands

Diploma Course McKenzie Institute International 1994 New Zealand

Other concepts I learned:

  • Manual Therapy in Germany (Kaltenborn concept) Diploma 1993
  • Orthopaedic Medicine (ad modum Cyriax) in Belgium. Diploma 1989

The development of my MDT career:

In 1985 I visited a McKenzie A-course in Germany on Robin McKenzies’ first tour through Europe.

The course, and especially the patient sessions impressed me. I thought: if this is true I want to learn it.

During the years after I learned that we can treat many patients with the MDT concept, but not all.

„It works, but not always” as Robin McKenzie used to say.

However, what we always can use is the MDT assessment, taking a history, and giving a good clinical examination to the patient. This is essential for decissions taken for the management of the patient, be it treating the patient or to give the patient a founded advise for further investigations or referral to specialists.

Thinking back, if I had to define which factors of the concept helped me the most, the following simple things come to my mind:

  • It made me able to see the big picture of patients, and stopped me getting trapped in details, in other words it cleared my mind.
  • I learned how to deal with the symptoms of patients, and made me able to distinguish between good and bad reactions on movements
  • The concept helped me to understand that it is not dangerous for patients to move and load themselves
  • The logic of the concept.
  • The honesty of the concept, always respecting science, and Evidence Based Medicin.
  • The last thing I would like to mention is the ability to give patients a prognosis for thier problem.

After completing the available courses until 1991 I passed the MDT credentialling exam in 1992.

In 1994 I absolved the MDT diploma program in New Zealand and passed the final exam.

My time as an instructor for MII started in 1995 in Germany where we built up the German Branch of MII. Later this became the branch for Germany, Switserland and Austria.

Since 1995 I have been teaching  all available core MDT courses in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Romenia and Hungary.

The last few years I was  only teaching for the Hungarian Branch.

Other professional activities:

Presentations on several conferences in Germany and Hungary.

Presenting workshops on conferences and symposia in Germany and Hungary.